How to Convert a PDF to Vector in Adobe Illustrator?

How to convert pdf to vector is the content of this webpage on our site. The Adobe Illustrator vector drawing application is there in your laptop which would make it easy to change pdf to vector. Now let us see how we can achieve the same. Go the File menu and select the Open option. Choose a pdf file that contains texts, images, and graphics all of it. Now from the PDF open window and choose the page which is meant to be opened by selecting the arrows and click on OK. However, keep in mind that only one page can be opened at a time. Now follow the other steps. From the Document Color Mode, the pdf file is changed to CMYK color mode. Now the editing has to be done by placing the cursor on the textual matter and the styling is also in order.

Vector Tracing Service 

The Selection Tool is done to choose any image or graphic from the document and tracing needs to be done with the Tracing options. Choose the best kind of color adjustments possible which include Greyscale and Black or White. Now Trace is pressed for the conversion of the images and graphics to vector format. Now you have to select the text with the Direct Selection Tool and the artboard needs to be clipped off. The vector text cannot be edited so it is only after you have finished proofreading, correcting, and editing the work you do the rest of it. The next step is to click Type and Create Outlines on the menu.
Do you need to undo outline the text? Then choose the Undo Create Outlines options. After making the file of PDF vector format, the Save as the option is only if you need to save it separately. So these are the steps which you need to follow. As it is vector graphics is so highly in demand that any image format is converted into it. So visiting the website and knowing how to do it is quite relevant in these times of web designing and graphic layout art.