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In this section of the website you will come to know about how to convert png to vector. The file can be opened in Illustrator and the Live Trace feature is made use of to convert it to vector. An image conversion program would need to be downloaded in your computer or laptop first of all without which changing these images is not possible. Make use of the chosen file folder to change to vector graphics. Use the File and Open options on the menu for the same. Now make a selection of the png file which needs to be converted to vector and click the OK button. This will tell you how to convert png to vector. The Import option is used to open a png image. The file is loaded in the conversion utility and then the File and Save as menu options are selected. The vector image output format is then selected and .PSD and SVG are some of the most popular image formats used. Now the new file name is entered in the text field and the SAVE menu button is clicked to complete the conversion process. Vector images are highly in demand today for all kinds of commercial needs and this is why a reliable graphic art company is much essential today. Other than its contemporary counterparts, vector images are sharper and more in demand because they don’t lose resolution or quality when enlarged which happens with raster or any other kinds of images.

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